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Sinigang: the Filipino sour soup!

Sinigang is a soup known for its sour flavor often because of the tamarind flavoring added to the soup base.  Unlike western soup where they become side dishes, sinigang is traditionally served as the main course, often with the rice

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Puto Bumbong – a sweet dessert for the holidays!

Puto Bumbong is a Filipino dessert traditionally made from  sticky or glutinous rice and has a purple color, soaked in water and dried and then poured into bumbong (or bamboo tubes) and then steamed.  The steaming causes the hot air

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Who is Boy Bawang?

Boy Bawang literally means “Boy Garlic” or Garlic Boy, named for the strong garlic flavoring.  Boy Bawang is not a Super Hero in garlic form, unfortunately — but ‘he’ or it is actually corn and a very popular Filipino snack! 

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So what is Palabok? It is a well known dish in the Philippines and have been part of the Filipino family meals for decades. Palabok is a noodle dish with a bold flavors of cream of mushroom and a balanced mixture of onions and garlic. Palabok is a great dish to make because it takes little effort and it is something that is cooked fast. The soft white noodles mixed in with the cruchy chicharon give it a unique texture that will make your mouth water.

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Tapsilog is the term used when beef tapa, fried rice, and fried egg are together in one meal. It is a popular dish served in the Philippines and is usually served during breakfast.

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