Who is Boy Bawang?

Boy Bawang literally means “Boy Garlic” or Garlic Boy, named for the strong garlic flavoring.  Boy Bawang is not a Super Hero in garlic form, unfortunately — but ‘he’ or it is actually corn and a very popular Filipino snack!  The only super hero contents is after you eat it, you’ll have superhero breath that will repel anyone, even mosquitos!

The snack is basically toasted corn with garlic flavoring. It also comes in a variety of flavors such as Adobo, but garlic is the most popular. The corn is toasted to be very crispy, and they come in small packages which you can find a most Filipino stores.

Boy Bawang is made from large kernels of corn. The corn is baked using a process that produces kernels with a hard outer layer covering a hollow inside.

Making your own Boy Bawang


  • Fresh corn kernals
  • oil
  • garlic salt or powder


  • Prepare corn kernel by soaking them in water (3hrs)
  • Drain water and place in hot oil in deep frying pan
  • Fry until brown or crunchy
  • Drain oil from kernels and season with garlic salt (or flavoring of choice)
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